Strategic Initiatives

Strategic Plan

Initiative 1: Continue to create and nurture a Christ-centered, biblically directed learning community. (Board Ends Alignment 1, 3 and 5)
Remaining true to our original founding of being a distinctly Christian school, SCS continues to intentionally keep Christ in the center of our community and stand on the timeless truth of the Gospel and Scripture.
  • Objective A: Create and deliver a sustainable professional development program for teachers that trains, equips, and enables them to deliver a distinctly biblical worldview instruction that points students to Christ. 
  • Objective B: Prepare and train the SCS community to live a Christ-centered life based on biblical truth in a spirit of love and compassion.
  • Objective C: Establish an environment where the school community is encouraged, equipped, and given opportunities to engage in active community ministry.
Initiative 2: Create and implement a culture that promotes biblical oneness in Christ through racial diversity, cultural awareness, and belonging (Board Ends Alignment 1, 2, 3, and 5).
Recognizing that Scripture teaches all people are created in the image of God, and that the body of Christ is a beautiful racially and culturally diverse body, (every tribe, language, people, and nation), SCS seeks to reflect and enhance that diversity.  Furthermore, believing that as Christians we are all one in Christ regardless of race or culture, and that our self-identity should first be based on our membership in the family and body of Christ, SCS seeks this biblical oneness.
  • Objective A: Create a racial diversity task force to strategize, shepherd and cultivate cultural awareness, belonging, and oneness in Christ, as well as identify any internal, external, or institutional hurdles to reaching this initiative.  
  • Objective B: Create a position and hire a Director of Biblical Diversity and Oneness in Christ.
  • Objective C: Create a professional development plan for employees and training for students teaching biblical directives for biblical oneness, cultural awareness and belonging. 
  • Objective D: Seek to proactively recruit and hire with racial diversity within the administrative staff and instructional faculty.
Initiative 3: Expand academic offerings, as well as instructional and learning resources (Board Ends Alignment 1, 3, 4, and 5)
As a Christian academic institution, SCS seeks to expand academic offerings to enable students to pursue cognitive development to reach their God-given potential. SCS will focus on increasing engaging and innovative pedagogies and academic programs that enhance learning for each student.  
  • Objective A: Continue to develop an academic program for those who excel academically to help them reach the God-given potential. 
  • Objective B: Define a vision and explore the viability of a Southside Christian virtual school expanding our reach with distinctively Christian education outside of the physical boundaries of our campus. 
  • Objective C: Seek creative ways to meet the academic and vocational needs of students who discern that God's calling does not include higher education immediately upon graduation.  
Initiative 4: Employee well-being and compensation initiative.
Rationale Statement: Because SCS views its employees as brothers and sisters in Christ and as image-bearers of God, seeking their well-being is a priority.  The school will proactively seek creative ways to offer more competitive compensation, create a culture that encourages work/life balance, and protect and nurture the spiritual and mental health of our employees.  
  • Objective A: The school will proactively seek creative ways to offer more competitive compensation. 
  • Objective B: The school will proactively seek creative ways to create a culture that encourages work/life balance for all employees. 
  • Objective C: The school will proactively seek creative ways to protect and nurture the spiritual and mental health of our employees.