Student Success Services

Student Success Services (SSS) offers programs to assist the specific needs of students with learning differences. We recognize that each individual has been uniquely created by God and that learning takes place in a variety of ways.

The goal of SSS is to aid students in developing good workmanship qualities, as well as a commitment to life-long learning. We encourage students to recognize their individual talents and abilities so that they may reach their fullest potential. The strengths of the student are used to encourage spiritual, academic, social, and physical growth.

A variety of programs are offered through SSS, which augment and reinforce classroom instruction for students who have been diagnosed by a licensed school psychologist or physician with a learning disability, processing deficit, ADHD, anxiety, autism, chronic medical conditions, as well as other students needing support and challenge within an academic setting. In addition, we work with teachers and parents to provide educational accommodations in the classroom and we monitor the student’s achievements.
SSS faculty recognizes that a partnership with the parents of our students is imperative for the student to achieve the optimum benefit from our programs and services. This is developed and fostered through regular communication, parent and teacher training, and support.

Programs and Services

For more information, please contact Monica Mangum, Director of Student Success Services.

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  • Diagnostic Testing

    This enables SSS to determine a student’s specific needs so that the proper remediation can be administered.
  • Wilson Reading/Orton-Gillingham

    Wilson reading is an Orton-Gillingham method of reading instruction. Multi-sensory methods are used to remediate spelling, reading, and writing difficulties. 
  • Response to Intervention

    Response to Intervention (RTI) is small group intervention targeted at building reading skills for students in grades 1-5.
  • Search and Teach

    Search and Teach is an early intervention program for young children designed to identify and remediate weak processing areas.
  • NILD Therapy

    NILD (National Institute of Learning Development) is an intensive educational therapy designed to stimulate areas of weakness in perception and thinking.
  • Individualized Courses

    Students in grades 1-12 who are struggling with math or English in the traditional classroom may benefit from small group instruction.
  • Academic Support Class

    An SSS instructor provides assistance to students in grades 4-12 as needed in study skills, test preparation, homework assignments, and reinforcement of classroom instruction.
  • Speech Therapy

    Speech therapy is for students who have difficulty with specific speech sounds or for students who have other speech and language difficulties.
  • Pediatric OT

    Occupational therapy works to develop fine and gross motor abilities, visual-motor skills, social interactions, self-help, and sensory processing skills.

Student Success Services Team

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  • Photo of Monica Mangum

    Monica Mangum 

    Director of Student Success Services
  • Photo of Lori Penland

    Lori Penland 

    Student Success Services Administrative Assistant
  • Photo of Connie Flathmann

    Connie Flathmann 

    Student Success Services Elementary School Coordinator
  • Photo of Kate Haddock

    Kate Haddock 

    Student Success Services Early Education and Lower Elementary Coordinator
  • Photo of Kristi Speaks

    Kristi Speaks 

    Student Success Services High School Coordinator
  • Photo of Brett Smith

    Brett Smith 

    Student Success Services Middle School Coordinator

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  • Photo of Monica Mangum

    Monica Mangum 

    Director of Student Success Services

Meet the Director of Student Success Services

Mrs. Mangum holds a Bachelor’s Degree from Columbia International University and a Master’s Degree in Elementary Education from Bob Jones University. Mrs. Mangum also holds the following certifications: Orton Gillingham Level 1, NILD Level 2, Wilson Reading, and Brain Gym. She also holds a lifetime ACSI educator certification.

At SCS, Mrs. Mangum worked as an NILD Educational Therapist, taught reading, middle school math and Algebra 1, and Academic Support Class. Prior to becoming Director, she served as the Elementary Coordinator and then the Middle School and High School Coordinator.

Prior to her long-term experience at SCS, Mrs. Mangum served at another Christian school in the Greenville area as a teacher before serving one year as the Director of the school. She began her career teaching Wilson Reading and assisting teachers in the SSS department at SCS before accepting her first teaching job.

Mrs. Mangum and her husband, Mark have two Sabres, Christopher and Emma. She and her family are active members of Summit Church.