Visual Art

Elementary Art

Art is offered to all students in Grades K through 5. Because man is created in God’s image, students learn about God’s nature by exploring their own creative sense while studying the foundations of visual art. Emphasis is placed on creativity, aesthetic beauty, excellence, and enjoyment.

Middle School Art

Art is offered as an elective for students in Grades 6 through 8 who would like to explore their own creativity through the visual arts. The foundations of specific forms will be explored from the concept of beauty and excellence. Some projects will be developed that may be included in an exhibit at the school.

High School Art I and II

Elective courses are offered for students in Grades 9 through 12 who want to further their education in the visual arts to include more complex forms of study. These students are encouraged to display their work in the spring art exhibit at the school.

AP Art

An Advanced Placement course is offered for the very serious and advanced art student. The course is taken independently during the Art II hour and the student must produce a portfolio of 24 works in different media and styles. Students must have completed Art II and submitted 12 projects before the beginning of the school year.