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SCS Fine Arts Department Video from Southside Christian School on Vimeo.

Our Fine Arts Program provides students the opportunity to immerse themselves in their creative avenue of choice–be it in theatre, band, string orchestra, vocal music or visual art. At SCS, we believe the arts are an essential element of a well-rounded education, and we value this creative development in our students. Because the arts utilize all areas of the brain and accommodate a variety of learning styles, all students can build beneficial skills including development of abstract thinking, diligence, cooperation, patience, discernment and social skills. Fine arts skills are lifetime skills.

Through fine arts, our students are encouraged to express their God given creativity and gifts. We believe God has given each student specific abilities to utilize in fulfilling His purpose, and as Christian educators, we have the privilege of guiding our students in discovering and developing their unique talents. Whether singing, dancing, performing, acting, painting, or producing, our students are ultimately reminded that their audience begins and ends with the Lord!

Our hope is that the fine arts will open the imagination of our students, speak to their soul, encourage their curiosity, wonderment, and awe as they learn to reflect the image of God and honor Him by developing the gifts He has placed within them.

The combination of expert teaching, student-centered learning, and great facilities makes Southside Christian School a wonderful place for students to explore and discover the creative gifts which God has given them and to share these gifts in significant ways. Our goal is to provide the serious student maximum opportunity to learn and grow as well as to create an environment where students are enriched as a result of their exposure to the arts.


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Director of Fine Arts
Kimberly Graham