In today’s society, the stakes are high for parents who desire to raise children who are not only academically prepared but who have a strong moral compass and a sense of purpose. The environment in which students spend a significant portion of their day vitally impacts all areas of development, forming a foundation of character for a lifetime.

The presence of equipped adult mentors and positive peer influences are key considerations when evaluating an educational atmosphere. School experiences from an early age begin to shape self-concept, values, and goals. As a student progresses through high school, character traits are further refined, often determining how he/she defines “success,” negotiates life’s storms, and finds the motivation to lead a meaningful life.

At Southside Christian School, partnering with Christian parents is not only our mission, but it is also our passion. As you explore educational opportunities for the students in your life, we look forward to serving as a welcoming host, a resource of information, and an encouraging glimpse into all that Christian education has to offer.

Foundation in Christ

Your child’s spiritual growth is our top priority. The students who attend Southside Christian School portray teachable hearts and coachable spirits. Relational ministry is the gateway through which God can work in a student’s life. Children who have been grounded in the truth of God’s Word day after day during their formative years are better equipped to handle discrepant ideas upon graduation.

A Mission to Serve

At Southside Christian School, we offer numerous recurring opportunities for service that allow students to discover fulfillment from helping others and to experience participating in something larger than themselves. Your child will be asked to contribute to aiding the world at large through service projects and mission trips.

Caring Community

The teachers and staff of Southside Christian School have a strong desire to know the heart of your student and build relationships, both inside and outside the classroom. Additionally, the smaller student body, low student-teacher ratio, and parent involvement at SCS provide the support and encouragement students need to grasp complex academic concepts, work to their potential, and become involved on campus. Your child will not be lost in a crowd.

Positive Peer Influence

At Southside Christian School, positive peer relationships compel students to encourage one another to achieve academically, grow spiritually, and participate in the many extracurricular activities offered.

Standards of Behavior

Admission policies and behavioral expectations are held to high standards at Southside Christian School, supported by rules which promote self-respect. SCS offers an emotionally safe and spiritually rich environment where students can feel accepted for who they are. Verbal insults and bullying will not be tolerated.


Southside Christian School celebrates the academic excellence and biblical truth which naturally flows from its commitment to embracing the entire family in the educational process. Devoted faculty, accomplished students, and an unparalleled sense of community combine to provide an exceptional academic experience.