Zoe Papet's high school experience at Southside Christian

Zoe Papet, student at SCS
My name is Zoe Papet, I’m a sophomore at Southside Christian School (SCS) and have attended since 7th grade. I decided to move to SCS because of the abundant extracurricular activities and the joy of meeting new people. 
One thing that has impacted me is the teachers. Ms. Thom, a middle and high school Bible teacher, has made an impact on my school, home, and faith life with her bubbly, loving personality. She creates bonds with students and cares about what's going on in their lives. Ms. Thom has given me wisdom and guidance throughout her time at SCS and has led me closer to Christ by extending grace and being uplifting to others.
SCS offers a variety of courses for those with different interests. My favorite subject in school is yearbook and graphic design, as it has taught me to keep an open mind and use my creativity! I’ve learned how to use Adobe software programs and manage a camera. 
Some of my favorite things at SCS are the smaller classes, high school JTerm, and the opportunities to find your interests. The smaller classes with teachers who care about their students in and outside the classroom offer more one-on-one teaching, which has enhanced my understanding of the material on a deeper level. Once a year, high schoolers have the one-week opportunity during JTerm to choose an experience, class, or internship to find their interests outside of the classroom. 
Since transferring to SCS, I continued my running journey on the cross country and track team and have created lifelong friendships since. The coaches, teammates, and athletic staff behind the scenes construct sports to be Christ-centered and enjoyable. Everyone works hard to accomplish their goals and championships which is encouraging to each other! 
SCS also creates high school events targeted for our age group, such as grade retreats. Each retreat is grade specific and creates bonding time with friends and time to create new ones. The high and middle school consistently deliver serving opportunities in the community, teaching us how to serve selflessly, as well.
With a multitude of electives, I have found my love for photography and learned the ins and outs with the help of internships, photography classes, practice, and yearbook.
Ever since I joined yearbook, I have found a loving hobby of photography! Photography establishes an open mind with never ending creativity. I enjoy photographing sports, fine arts events, and casual candid shots for the yearbook.
Academics and sports can be difficult and require consistent practice to get better and succeed. 1 Corinthians 9:25 says, “Every athlete exercises self-control in all things. They do it to receive a perishable wreath, but we an imperishable.” Paul is comparing and contrasting Christians and athletes, about using self-control and humbleness to seek the prize. Athletes use self-control and commitment to win their prize but it is temporary, while Christians use self-control, grace, and humbleness towards others for the prize that is eternal. This verse is a constant reminder of who we are as Christians and why we should follow Jesus’ footsteps and has been encouraging for me as a student athlete.
I think other people would enjoy high school at SCS because of the amazing bonds you create through extracurriculars and classes you have with those of similar interests.