Alumni Highlight: Jennifer Fuller, Class of 1997

Since graduating from SCS in 1997, Jennifer has earned her undergraduate degree in Human and Family Development. She is currently student teaching and will graduate with her Masters in Elementary Education in March.
She and her husband, Aaron, have three children, Alexis, Lorelei, and Austin. Jennifer enjoys watching her children do what they love, including gymnastics, cheerleading, Taekwondo, and golf. 
Jennifer’s husband has served in Iraq and Afghanistan. Jennifer says, “In the most recent years I have never been closer to God than I am now. He has always shown Himself to me as He kept my husband safe for the 11 years he was in Iraq and Afghanistan working with the military. He was a civilian contractor with the Department of Defense.”
Looking back on her time at SCS, Jennifer states, “Southside gave me the foundation I now have to pass on to my children. They also taught me what it was like to be compassionate and loving. They are the reason I went into Human and Family Development and now on to Education. They gave me the education and faith, because a couple of families were kind enough to come together and pay for my tuition from middle school until the day I graduated. I will never be able to repay them for their kindness, but hope they know how truly appreciative I am and that I hold dear to the values I have gained from my time at Southside. I hope that everyday I am a blessing to someone, even if it’s with just a kind smile or warm hug.”