The You Matter Program: How SCS elementary school students are making a difference

Mrs. Mason, 2nd Grade Teacher at Southside Christian School
Have you ever thought about what your life will be like in your elderly stage of life? Will you have family nearby to visit you? Will you still be able to live on your own or will you need to have assistance with everyday activities? 

How will you feel as days go by without seeing the ones you love? Will you recognize that God loves you and has a purpose for your life?

The elementary students at Southside Christian School have a wonderful opportunity to partner with The You Matter Program. 

As students and teachers, we are able to shine the light of Jesus to men and women in a local senior living home. The goal of the project is to remind children that all people are seen, known, and loved by God. 

Each month, we learn important truths about Jesus reminding us that God loves us, He created us for a purpose, and we matter to Him. We are able to take these truths and encourage these sweet senior citizens through the program.

Each class has been assigned a person at a local senior living home. We received a picture and biography of our senior citizen so we can get to know him or her better.  

Each month, we focus on a core life principle such as kindness, gratitude, or generosity by working together on a project for our person. 

Our first project was decorating a kindness box and filling it with pictures and notes the students wrote to our senior citizens.  

Another project was to collect items like devotional books, magazines, mugs, tea, comfy socks, lotion, and candy for a blessing basket. Our class actually sent in so much for our lady that we needed two baskets.

The students get so excited to write to and send her things. We are hoping that we get to visit her sometime this year so we can meet her in person and let Jesus shine through us. 

This program has not only been a blessing for our senior living person, but also to the teachers and students of Southside Christian School. We are reminded of how God loves everyone and how we can spread His love towards others. We ALL matter to Him.