Meet the Teacher: Mrs. Jan Steenback

We want to introduce to you another member of our SCS community, Mrs. Jan Steenback, middle school teacher. Read below to learn more about Mrs. Steenback and why she loves teaching at SCS.
What do you teach at SCS? What grades/school divisions?
I teach Bible to all the 7th grade and part of the 8th grade classes.
What brought you to SCS?
Our family was in a Christian School in North Carolina. A former employee of that school moved to Greenville and began working at SCS. When an opening came for teaching positions, they gave us a call and recommended we pursue the opportunity. SCS was a larger school with a fine arts program not offered where we were. We believed SCS would be a step up for the education of our children. The rest is history.
How long have you been a teacher at Southside Christian School?
This is my 32nd year. It has been a privilege to watch the growth and development of this school.
How do you see Christ working in the lives of your students?
The Holy Spirit’s work in their hearts connects directly to their exposure to God’s true Word. It is a joy to see a student “caught” by a truth or idea and begin to ask questions. God is at work when there is a hungering and thirsting for righteousness. 
Where did you attend college/what degree?
My elementary undergrad degree is from Bob Jones University. I have a Master’s degree in Biblical Counseling from The Master’s College in California.
Where did you grow up/where are you from?
I grew up in Clemson, South Carolina. Clemson is the home of my childhood and youth. Go TIGERS!
What do you love about teaching at SCS?
It is a privilege to work alongside so many of God’s Kingdom people. My coworkers are “family.” It is a gift to be able to share what is eternally important with my students and watch many of them grow and establish godly lives.
What is the one thing you want your students to take away from your class?
My desire is to be faithful in planting the seeds of truth found in the Bible. My hope is students will grow to understand that nothing in life is more valuable than having an eternally rich relationship with Christ. My hope is they will not fall prey to the lies of the flesh and the world, but rather gain freedom, hope, and joy found in the grace-filled gospel life.
What do you like to do for fun?
Photography is something I enjoy. Going on walks and hikes and simply being outdoors refreshes me. And there is nothing like the laughter and fun of hanging out with my kids and grandkids.
If you were an ice cream flavor, what would you be and why?
Vanilla bean with chocolate-covered almonds. Almonds are one of my favorite nuts and vanilla is my choice over chocolate ice cream. A little chocolate is perfect. Too much chocolate can overpower other flavors.