Alumni Highlight: Tyler Finley, Class of 2010

After graduating from SCS in 2010, Tyler Finley attended North Greenville University where he received his Bachelors in Christian Studies in 2014. He was later ordained in 2015. 

He has been serving as student pastor and worship pastor in various churches and is currently at Milestones Church in Spartanburg. Being in ministry has given him opportunities to speak at various schools in the Upstate, travel to Canada, New Orleans, and the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally to share the gospel, as well as share the gospel and lead worship with countless individuals in both North and South Carolina. 

In 2014, he married his wife, Rachel, and they had their son, Liam, in 2019. For fun, Tyler loves grilling and smoking on his Traeger, hanging out with his wife and son, golfing, and playing Xbox with fellow alumni, Trey Walpole, Toby Whitmire, and Grant Holt. 

Tyler says, “Southside prepared me in many ways. First, I did theatre and music and enjoyed every second of it thanks to Vicki Fox, Tim Morgan, John Furrow, and of course my cousin, Martha Bunn. So there, I was able to get over stage fright and speak in front of people, as well as lean into the gifts God had given me when it came to music. These days I combine all that. Second, I was on student government most of high school, so I learned how to lead well from Donna Barrett and work as a team. Third, I learned to choose grace more... I was for sure not the shining example of that in my high school years, but looking back, Cliff White and Patricia Gilbert stick out as two shining examples that encouraged and led with grace being the current for everything! Shout out to Momma Gilbert for being my SCS mom! Fourth, I learned the Bible wasn’t boring. Jim Thompson and Nathan Forrest taught with passion and conviction that forever changed my life. Fifth, it taught me that relationships matter. Not only with my friends that I still talk to today, but those older than me and also my teachers. Those relationships changed my life, and I want to be that for maybe another kid or person that is confused or hurting."