Students raise $7,646.30 for Freedom International Ministries

Douglas Workman, Student at SCS
I am Douglas Workman, the student body president at SCS. As I reflect on my time at SCS, events like the Benevolence Project have always been particularly memorable, so I was thrilled to play a role in organizing our annual Spring Benevolence Project to benefit Freedom International Ministries. 

Freedom is a Christian organization in the Dominican Republic. Its mission is to equip people to engage culture according to their design, and it seeks to develop life-changing relationships with those most unlikely so that they become catalysts for change within the Dominican Republic. 

Over the past several years, SCS has formed a strong relationship with Freedom International and we have been heavily involved in the organization. As a continued demonstration of our support for Freedom International, the student government hosted the Spring Benevolence Project, which took place on March 1-5, 2021. 

During the project, the entire school worked together to raise several thousand dollars. Various events gave students the opportunity to contribute and participate, such as the High School Basketball tournament, “Eat Out to Help Out Freedom” night, pay for comfy day, and the elementary school raffle. 

Many of these events exceeded our expectations and did exceedingly well. All in all, the student government was encouraged by the participation of the student body. A significant amount of funds have been raised which will assist Freedom in their mission and help build the Kingdom of God. 

The Lord has been glorified through this event, and we are grateful to all who participated and donated their resources.

Note: We are grateful to Douglas Workman and our Student Government Association for organizing this year’s Spring Benevolence Project. Students in Early Education, Elementary School, Middle School, and High School worked together to raise a total of $7,646.30 for Freedom International Ministries.