Alumni Highlight: Arthur Willson, Class of 2015

During his junior year, he was introduced to a new company called Till, a property tech company designed to revolutionize the residential rental industry. With $8 million in venture funding, Arthur and his coworkers have helped over 30,000 families stay in their homes and pay rent reliably on their schedule. 

Arthur says, “At Till, we help people everyday stay in their homes. The home is the foundation of the family, so being able to work with residents every day to keep that sense of place steady in their lives is priceless.”

Arthur has also founded an artificial intelligence-driven trademark monitoring company, The Monrae Group, where he helps IP attorneys monitor over 3 million trademark registrations and 290 million domains every day. He also actively invests in category-defining startups like Carta and EverlyWell as a Venture Partner at NextGen.

Since graduating from SCS, Arthur has had the opportunity to organize a TEDx conference, which brought together thousands of people to hear talks from industry leaders working on cutting-edge projects. He also teaches a class at Wake Forest in his role as an Entrepreneur in Residence. The position gives him the opportunity to mentor students starting their own ventures. 

In his free time, Arthur enjoys spending time at the coast with his friends and family. He also enjoys being part of building Greenville’s entrepreneurial ecosystem through spaces like NEXT and enjoys spending time downtown.

Arthur says, “SCS developed in me core Christian beliefs that remain unchanged to this day and guide my decision-making frameworks. This was also a place where I learned what it meant to be a leader, in actions, not merely a title, which has allowed me to serve others throughout my college and professional career.”