Congratulations to this year's Family Student Leaders!

Southside Christian School
Our Elementary School students are adopted into one of four families — Huruma (compassion), Valor (courage), Cairdeas (friendship), or Kunnia (honor). These Families meet, eat, work, and have fun together throughout the school year. The Families also participate in challenges and earn points by living out the E432 Core Values, which include being humble, grateful, encouraging others, showing respect, doing the best they can, and honoring their parents.
This week teachers nominated the Family Student Leaders. Students nominated must exemplify the E432 Core Values and live out their Family’s characteristics. They have an exemplary record of conduct and model responsibility in all areas of life.
The Family Student Leaders help lead their virtual Family meetings, have some leadership responsibilities in different Elementary School events and activities throughout the school year, and encourage other Family members during the quarterly competitions.
We are proud to announce our Family Student Leaders for the 2020-2021 school year! Congratulations to the following students:
Cairdeas Family: Manning (5th) and Lucas (4th)
Huruma Family: Maggie (5th) and Judah (4th)
Kunnia Family: Adam (5th) and Marcus (4th)
Valor Family: Landon (5th) and Taylor (4th)
Manning says, “Leadership means standing up and taking charge. A good leader is one who can stand up for their team.”
Landon says, “My favorite part about being in a Family is how we can all meet together, talk, and have fun.”
Taylor says, “I love the teamwork and working together. Being a leader means I can teach others about Jesus and encourage others to do their best.”
We are so proud of these students for modeling the core values in their daily lives and for setting a positive example for others to follow. Congratulations, students!