Payton's lanyards: raising money to find a cure

Payton was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes when she was in Pre-K 4 at SCS. She has to make frequent visits to the nurse to receive shots and monitor her blood sugar levels throughout the day. With the new COVID-19 protocols in place, Payton has to wear a mask on her way to and from the nurse. Like many of us, Payton found herself forgetting to grab her mask on the way out of the classroom.
She and her mom, Kristen, came up with the idea of using her beads to make a mask lanyard – a cute way to make sure she’d remember to wear her mask. After getting compliments from her friends the next day at school, she had the idea to sell the lanyards to raise money to help find a cure for diabetes.
Payton believes that God allowed her to have diabetes and that it makes her special, but she doesn’t want anyone else to experience what she’s been through.
“She doesn’t want this for herself. She wants this for everyone else. She has a huge heart. She feels like God chose her to have diabetes so that something good will come from this,” says Kristen, Payton’s mom.
Payton has raised $500 to donate the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, a nonprofit dedicated to leading the fight against type 1 diabetes through funding research, making new therapies available, and providing support for those with type 1 diabetes. Her goal is to double the amount she has raised to $1,000.
“The school community has been fabulous in support of Payton. If it wasn’t for Southside, we’d probably be homeschooling,” says Kristen.