JTerm: How One Student is Continuing to Make a Difference

Price Garcia, Student at SCS
Cambio de vida. To be exact, that means "change of life" in Spanish. My name is Price Garcia and I am a student at Southside Christian.

It was the summer of 2019 when I experienced "cambio de vida." SCS began its openings for JTerm, and I immediately thought about trying out a mission trip. I had no idea how beneficial it would be for me. 

Throughout that entire summer, my life consisted of hanging out with the wrong crowd, trying things I never thought I would try, and ultimately, running away from the presence of the Lord. 

The Dominican Republic changed my life. I experienced serving others in a way that was not for myself, I experienced true joy in the smiles of little children, and I experienced true community with my group that I had never had. 

The Dominican is where I truly came to know who I wanted to be and what I wanted to do with my life. Since this trip, I have created an apparel company dedicated to giving to the organization that we stayed at while we were there. 

My goal is to live and serve as God created me to live and serve. The Dominican Republic is where I first learned how to do this.

Price Garcia is a rising senior at Southside Christian School. You can check out his apparel company by visiting tidalclothingcompany.com and see how they're giving back to Freedom International Ministries in the Dominican Republic. To learn more about our JTerm experiences, click here.