Alumni Highlight: Daniel Thompson, Class of 2001

Southside Christian School
After graduating from SCS in 2001, Daniel married his high school sweetheart, Sarah Whitman (class of 2003) and received a Bachelor of Arts in History and a Master of Arts in Secondary Education. He taught history for 11 years before becoming the upper school principal at Shannon Forest Christian School. 

During his time in education, he coached basketball, leading the varsity boys team in their most successful season in school history. He also has received several awards and certifications, including an ACSI certification, 2019 SCISA Basketball 2A Region II Coach of the Year, and SCS Alumni of the Year 2017.

In 2018, Daniel was part of a viral podcast called “Deck the Hallmark,” a podcast dedicated to talking about Hallmark movies from different perspectives. Taking a break from education, he and his friends have been running the podcast and have been featured on Good Morning America four times, as well as Nightlife News, Oprah Magazine, and Southern Living. 

Between their twins and three rescue dogs, Daniel and Sarah stay pretty active. They love spending time in downtown Greenville at the Children’s Museum and the Greenville Zoo. Daniel minored in film during his undergraduate degree and was briefly a film critic for a national online publication. Because of this, he visits the theater to see a movie just about every week.

Daniel says, “The memories of my time at SCS are those of relational investment… they (teachers) would challenge me in the classroom, but they cared about me on a personal level… They used relational discipleship to prepare me for the future… I don't want to downplay test scores, GPA, and Honor societies, but for me, the impact of SCS on my life is more accurately measured by people, specifically the time they spent with me and the relationships that were forged in the process.”