While Christian education is a broad concept based on cultivating and nurturing a biblical worldview within our students, it is important to remember that a truly Christian education must be characterized by academic excellence. We are commanded to do all things to the glory of God, and we can accomplish this by helping each student develop to their full academic potential. In Piety and Philosophy, Richard Riesen states, “(Christians) must themselves engage the world intellectually, even at the cutting edge. Far from enervating our interest in academic things, our faith ought to inflame it…There is no such thing as Christian education that is too academic.” We believe that academic excellence is the natural by-product of a Christ-centered life and that the pursuit of knowledge infused with biblical truth will equip our students to be godly and successful. Our academic excellence is not in addition to being biblically focused; we are academically excellent because we are biblically focused.

How we are structured

SCS is divided into three schools encompassing students from 12 months through Grade 12.

  • Early Education – Toddler through Kindergarten
  • Elementary School – Grades 1 through 5
  • Middle School – Grades 6 through 8
  • High School- Grades 9 through 12