Sabre Stories

Dr. Jeff and Sandi Summers, School Parents

"To know that they are being led by Christian educators who are certainly teaching based on biblically sound principals is super important to us."

Superintendent Dr. Barfell and Teacher Mrs. Gina Cleminson

"It’s been amazing to serve in a place where I’m encouraged to be creative. We’re moving as we learn."

Jenna Bolding, Student Body President

"We’ve been able to build really strong relationships – not just socially, but spiritually."

Jeff Coppins, SCS Alumnus

"The amount of people that poured into me gave me this foundation that when I had a crisis of my own faith I returned back to roots."

Levi and Lindsay Hunt, Current Parents

"It’s easy to read about schools online, but Southside’s mission is even more evident when you are surrounded by it.  You will quickly see that SCS is a top notch academic school that truly is Christ-centered. This is the balance that SCS strives for day in and day out.   "

Chloe Greer, Class of 2018

"Thank you, Southside Christian, for allowing me to grow in my faith while loving others, serving my peers and our community, and learning in the classroom. "

Gena Greer, Lower School faculty member

"We believe that teaching our students through a Biblical Worldview not only equips them for their schooling career, but their adult lives as well. We take our job seriously because we know that our efforts have eternal rewards."

Chad and Stephanie Alverson, Current parents

"It is an investment with a great return! What more can a parent offer their child than a Christ-based education and a safe place to grow academically, socially, and spiritually."

Jack Shubert, class of 2018

"The hallways of Southside Christian School hold some of the most incredible people that I have been blessed to call my friends and classmates."

Mrs. Christy Boggs, Lower School faculty member

"Your children will have teachers that truly care about their well-being. Your children will make friends that will last a lifetime. They will grow spiritually. They will receive an excellent education. I can speak from personal experience. We chose SCS and it was the best decision for our family."