Sabre Story

Jack Shubert, class of 2018

"The hallways of Southside Christian School hold some of the most incredible people that I have been blessed to call my friends and classmates."

Describe your experience at Southside Christian School?

My experience at Southside Christian has been incredible. I have been at SCS since K4 and have loved every minute of it. I wouldn’t trade anything for the value of my education at this school. The mix of challenging academics with an emphasis on Christ is invaluable and I am very thankful that my parents have allowed me to come here.

How has Southside Christian School influenced your life educationally as well as in other areas?

Southside Christian has influenced me educationally by offering a plethora of Advanced Placement classes that I have been fortunate enough to take as well as increasing the difficulty in other non-AP classes to challenge our thinking and make us really learn the material that we cover. In other areas of my life, Southside Christian has influenced my leadership abilities while being able to serve as chaplain for my class as well as being the president of the student body. In addition, SCS has given me the relationships I need to successfully carry out a task with the guidance of qualified teachers and mentors.

What is one experience you will never forget during your time here?

One experience I will never forget is something that I am fortunate enough to experience every day. Walking the halls of the school in between classes. I love being able to talk to my friends and peers and see how their day is going and what’s going on in their lives. The hallways of Southside Christian hold some of the most incredible people that I have been blessed to call my friends and classmates.

What has been your biggest challenge at SCS?

My biggest challenge at SCS has been managing my classes and extracurricular activities such as varsity sports and student government. However, I think it’s worth noting that I have been helped immensely by my teachers and coaches.

If you could tell someone considering attending SCS one reason why they should attend, what would it be?

If I had to tell someone one reason to come to Southside Christian, it would be this: the teachers. There is no school, in my opinion, that has teachers that love their students more than the teachers at Southside Christian. A lot of the time I think we forget the sacrifices our teachers make for us. Each teacher knows who you are and asks how your day is going and that is so special in schools. No matter where you go you will never find teachers and administrators who love their students as much as ours do.