Sabre Story

Chloe Greer, Class of 2018

"Thank you, Southside Christian, for allowing me to grow in my faith while loving others, serving my peers and our community, and learning in the classroom. "

Tell me about your experience at Southside Christian School?

My experience at SCS has been easily one of my most life-shaping experiences. SCS has equipped me with countless tools and abilities that I now have and will continue to use throughout the rest of my life. Southside Christian has given me a solid foundation in my faith, a community of fellowship with other believers, and memories that will last a lifetime. From the teachers who are so much more than just teachers, to the administration supporting every aspect of excellence, my experience at Southside Christian has been excellent, positive, and exciting. Thank you, Southside Christian, for allowing me to grow in my faith while loving others, serving my peers and our community, and learning in the classroom. 

How has Southside Christian School influenced your life?

I’ve attended SCS for 14 years. Southside Christian School has influenced my life in more ways than I could even count. SCS has given me opportunities inside and outside of the classroom that many people never attain. For example, speaking in chapels, attending Summit in Colorado, four years of Jterm, mentoring younger students, singing in Carnegie Hall in NYC, playing basketball for six years, and the list continues. Southside Christian has allowed me to build up knowledge about the Bible, while strengthening my relationship with Jesus daily. Not only do I understand what I believe, but also why I believe those things. From the many Early Education memories that my friends and I still reminisce about, to the lasting memories of senior year fun, I will forever be thankful for all that SCS has given and taught me. 

What is one SCS experience you will never forget?

One aspect of Southside Christian that I will never forget is the life-changing teachers. These people are what set Southside Christian apart from every other private school. These men and women are world changers. SCS has achieved excellence when it comes to hiring the best of the best while also hiring teachers who love Jesus more than anything. These men and women are ones that are intentional, approachable, bold, loving, supportive, caring, patient, and extremely knowledgeable. The relationship that I have formed with countless teachers go far beyond the classroom. They are my mentors, my accountability partners, people who I know that I can go to for absolutely anything. These men and women are constantly shining for Jesus. They point every student back to Jesus and are always striving to live for Him. I will never forget the way these teachers have poured into me. Not only in their subject classes, but also in the everyday things of life. 

What clubs/organizations have you been a part of while attending?

SCS offers many different ways for students to be involved outside of the classroom. I have participated in many extracurricular opportunities, and that is one of the biggest reasons why Southside Christian has been such an amazing experience for me. I am the president of the National Honors Society and National Juniors Honors Society. I have served on the E432 Task Force alongside many teachers for two years. I am the founder of the board game club. I have served three years on The Student Government Association as the class chaplain. I have been a part of Beta Club for two years. I have played basketball for six years, track and field for three years, and soccer for one year. I was a part of our Middle School Chorus for three years, Grace Notes for two years, and Sounds and Sabres for two years. (Grace Notes and Sounds and Sabres being audition only choirs). Southside has given me countless opportunities to grow my leadership and service over my time as a student. 

Do you feel that SCS has prepared you for the college/university of your choice?

I firmly believe that SCS has equipped me with everything that I need to succeed in college. I have chosen to attend Anderson University this upcoming fall to study Kinesiology. With all of our departments being above excellent, I know that I am ready to succeed in this next chapter of education.