Alumni Highlight: Louise Davis, Class of 1982

A year after graduating, Louise got married and later had two children. She now has three grandsons as well and loves spending time with them.

Louise has worked at Michelin, Walmart, Murphy USA, and Butler Shoes over the course of her career. She also assisted her late husband in opening a Texas Roadhouse in Columbia. 

Louise says that SCS “fortified the foundation I had as a small child to trust and believe in the Lord. As a small child, we were always in church if the doors were open.” The year she started school at SCS, she rededicated her life to Christ.

She now volunteers at the Greer Soup Kitchen and received “Volunteer of the Year” in 2019. She loves the ministry, the other volunteers, and the people they help. Louise says, “Our philosophy is to never say no. We always figure out a way to help everybody and every situation.” The SCS Middle School Service Club recently visited the Greer Soup Kitchen, where the students were able to work alongside Louise.