Alumni Highlight: Keith Coppins, Class of 1982

After graduating from Southside Christian in 1982, Keith attended Greenville Technical College and transferred to the College of Charleston. In 1987, he moved to Boston and began focusing on his career at the Genesis Marketing Group from 1988 until 1992. 

In 1993, he began consulting in the wireless telecommunications industry. He worked for a major wireless carrier in Connecticut for 10 years and then started his own tower company. In 2003, he became Vice President of Development for Optasite Inc. until they sold it in 2017. He then started Phoenix Towers, LLC and continued working in the tower industry. 

In 2019, he was called to become the CEO of ARX Wireless based in Connecticut where they run a nationwide tower, DAS, and communications company. 

Married in 2009, he and his wife Julie have two children, Sophie and Luke. In 2017, they relocated from Connecticut to San Clemente, California. Living in a coastal city has allowed Keith the opportunity to learn how to surf. Keith also holds a real estate license in California. His family likes to travel, play golf, and go boating. 

Keith says, “I look back at my time at SCS and to this day, I still stay in touch with some of my graduating classmates. I think the one thing that I took from SCS is that I learned how to build relationships. I try to surround myself with smart, caring, passionate people whose goals and drives align with my own.”