Back to School: Student Edition

Read to find out three key tips to #startsabrestrong this academic year.

Back to School: Parent Edition

3 Must Haves for a Successful Year You've seen the advertisements and the sales! The back to school season is in full swing. Normally, this time of year is focused on preparing students for their return to school. In this post we will focus on 3 attitudes parents need in order to have a successful…

Dr. Barfell’s Superintendent Vlog, Episode 6

In this episode, Dr. Barfell recaps the end of year highlights of the 2017-2018 school year.

Dr. Barfell’s Superintendent Vlog, Episode 5

In episode five, Dr. Barfell showcases STEM emphasis across the different school divisions. He highlights the collaborative work of the Engineering and Kindergarten classes.

Dr. Barfell’s Superintendent Vlog Episode 4

School safety has become a hot topic among schools with many recent school shootings. On this episode, Dr. Barfell discusses the security measures in place at SCS.

Dr. Barfell’s Superintendent Vlog, Episode 3

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In this episode of Dr. Barfell's Vlog, he recounts the JTerm experience to the Dominican Republic in partnership with Freedom International Ministries.

Dr. Barfell’s Superintendent Vlog, Episode 2

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In this episode of Dr. Barfell's Vlog, he introduces the new annual fund, The Fund for SCS. He also reports how the fund has helped fund several recent projects for the school.

Dr. Barfell’s Superintendent Vlog

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Watch the first episode of Dr. Barfell's Superintendent Vlog as he gives updates to the families of Southside Christian School.

Top 4 Questions Prospective Families Ask SCS

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Answered by Director of Marketing and Enrollment Management, Susan Dunlap How do SCS students rank academically among other students locally? Academic Excellence: It is the mission of Southside Christian School to partner with Christian parents to provide excellent education consistent with biblical truth. In order for SCS to be mission-minded, excellent education must be provided…

Three Things Christian Parents Can Lean On

We have hope and hope everlasting through Christ and as dearly loved children of God. Even when times are tough, we have hope. If you are a parent, you know that at times one can feel rather hopeless, but God provides us with a hope that all things work for the good of those who love Him (Romans 8:28).