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Sabre Rec Sports is working to become one of the premier youth football and cheerleading organizations in Greenville County.  The goal of Sabre Rec Sports is to provide every participant with a positive youth football and cheerleading experience.

Our main focus is player safety.   All coaches go through a background check, as well as being Heads Up Certified every year.  Additionally, coaches are trained in CPR and heat illness prevention, and how to respond to concussions and sudden cardiac arrest.

Our coaches will strive to ensure that each and every participating player learns the importance of teamwork, the value of self discipline and the merit of sportsmanship.  Each player will learn to respect their teammates, opponents, and authority figures such as parents, coaches, and officials.

We hope that each child will finish the season feeling they improved as an athlete, a person, and a teammate.  At the end of the season, we hope that they had fun on the field, and felt they were an important part of their team.  Most importantly, we want them to want to return the following season.