Middle and High School Curriculum


Presenting truth is vital as the goals and consequences are eternal.  The Southside Christian Bible department strives to exalt the Word of God, which is necessary for a solid foundation of life. His Word will accomplish what He intends; it will not return void (Isa. 55:11). Thus the Bible courses are unique to any other academic presentation. Bible memorization is often cumulative and a priority.

As courses progress, students are exposed to all portions and genres of the Bible. Students will be shown the preeminence of Christ through the redemptive presentation of the Old Testament, examine the life of Christ and presentation of the gospel, study foundational doctrines, and be guided to discern God’s truth from the deception of enticing world views. The term “Christian” is not necessarily true unless it meets the criteria of Biblical truth. Students will be challenged and encouraged to know and understand the God of the Bible.  What a person believes and thinks about God effects the very essence of life decisions and attitudes.

Ultimately, being exposed to the light of God’s Word will impact the heart of each student. Salvation and sanctification matters most. Students who build a solid foundation of truth and understand the God of the Bible will be better prepared to face trials, persecutions, deceptions, and decisions of life (John 17:17).  Foundational knowledge of God’s truth will facilitate the ability for students to apply Godly principles for living. One cannot apply what one does not fully know. Through help of the Holy Spirit and prayers of those who love the hearts of students, young people can be equipped to give an answer for the hope that lies within them and live as salt and light.


The English courses at SCS will lead students to expand and apply Standard English language skills through a selection of texts taken from literature as they study and develop writing skills in argumentative, informative/explanatory, narrative, and research paper writing. Students will recognize how authors often reflect their worldviews in their writings and will learn to apply Christian worldview to pieces that were not written from that perspective. Students will memorize and practice the use of sound grammatical skills through oral and written communication. Additionally, vocabulary skills will be honed to enhance the following: reading comprehension, writing, and SAT/ACT preparation. In the Honors level courses (offered in grades 9-12), literature, writing, and grammar study will exceed the scope of the regular curriculum. Juniors and seniors who meet the prerequisites will have the option of taking AP Language and/or AP Literature.


Every SCS graduate should have the skills to thrive mathematically in any college degree program or vocational field that they choose.  Additionally, every SCS graduate should recognize that God created a world that follows set mathematical principles, and that by studying and understanding those mathematical principles we can better understand the very nature and character of God. 


The Southside Christian School Science Department strives to instill a deep respect and awe for the Creator in each student. Students will gain an appreciation of the intricacy and precision of both the physical and biological components of the universe God has created for us to care for. Using lectures, experimentation, inquiry, projects and demonstrations, students will become prepared to contribute to society as both Christian world-view scientists and wise consumers.

Social Studies

The Social Studies Department includes South Carolina history, world history, European history, U.S. history, U.S government, economics, and psychology.  All these disciplines are taught from a biblical perspective by seasoned, highly credentialed Christian professionals.  The department examines the scope of human history, migrations, geographical formation, social and political organization, state interactions, and psychology from a Christian worldview.

Educational Technology

The Educational Technology Department of SCS is a comprehensive and extensive computer applications and graphic design program that provides students relevant, real-life learning experiences developing life-long learners as well as responsible, ethical citizens with a Christian viewpoint in order to make informed decisions in an ever changing global digital society. Students are provided the opportunity to develop proficiency in Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel as well as learn web design through HTML coding  using creativity, communication, and collaboration in a blended learning environment. Graphic Design students learn the fundamentals of graphic design in visual communication while learning design principles, typography, color psychology, and ethical considerations. Honors level students learn to master Adobe software and develop real-world skills. In the Educational Technology Department, students will acquire the necessary knowledge and skills in a rigorous system of academic and applied learning that will not only assist them in high school but prepare them for post-secondary education and the workplace. 

Fine Arts

God is creative. He wrote, directed, and took the leading role in history’s greatest story. We read in the Bible that his heavenly home is a place full of creativity, music, and worship. The goal of the fine arts department at Southside Christian School is to give students the tools to be life-long visual artists, actors, instrumentalists, and singers so they can use their skills to glorify God for eternity.   Our highly qualified fine arts staff are all professional, practicing artists who love the Lord and love sharing their craft with their students.  Our hope is to enrich the educational, spiritual, and cultural lives of our students as well as increase the sense of community and teamwork through exposure to the fine arts.

Physical Education

The Physical Education department at Southside Christian School directs each student to understand their body is the temple of the Holy Spirit and to glorify God with their body. Physical Education goals would include the development of teamwork, sportsmanship, cooperation, goal-setting and a lifetime fitness perspective. The correlation between active healthy students and academic achievement cannot be overstated.
Health Education goals would include the ability to make healthy food choices, develop positive healthy relationships, understand we are made in His image and a basic understanding of how the body works and how to take care of it.
When students enter their sophomore year of high school, they will have the option of taking Strength and Conditioning as an elective that will enhance the student’s opportunity to be involved in physical activity during the school day.