High School

HIgh School serves students in Grades 9 through 12.  During the High School experience, students receive an academically rigorous college-preparatory education in a distinctly Christian environment that encourages core values of integrity, respect, and responsibility.  Opportunities to take advanced coursework during high school including honors, AP, and dual-enrollment, each led by accomplished faculty, produce academic excellence.  Weekly chapel attendance focuses students in a worshipful and engaging way toward God, with teaching that inspires students toward sincere discipleship and service.  Student talents and interests are cultivated through challenging athletic activities, creative expression within a celebrated fine arts program, student clubs, and student leadership roles.  The High School’s commitment, whether focused on academic pursuits, spiritual formation, or extracurricular participation, is ultimately grounded in a desire to develop young men and women of God who are prepared to positively impact the world around them.

Upon graduation, a student can expect to possess the following qualities:

  • well-rounded academically
  • growing spiritually
  • articulate speaker
  • leader in their sphere of influence
  • humble, teachable, moldable