Student Success Services

We recognize that each individual has been uniquely created by God and that learning takes place in a variety of ways. The Student Success Services (SSS) offers programs to assist the specific needs of students with learning differences.

The goal of SSS is to aid students in developing good workmanship qualities as well as a commitment to life-long learning. We encourage students to recognize their individual talents and abilities so that they may reach their fullest potential. The strengths of the student are used to encourage spiritual, academic, social, and physical growth.

A variety of programs are offered through SSS, which augment and reinforce classroom instruction for students who have been diagnosed by a licensed school psychologist or physician with a learning disability, processing deficit, or ADD/ADHD. In addition, we work with teachers and parents to suggest educational accommodations in the classroom, and we monitor the student’s achievements.

SSS faculty recognizes that a partnership with the parents of our students is imperative for the student to achieve the optimum benefit from our programs and services. This is developed and fostered through regular communication, parent training, and support.