The Fund for SCS

What is the Fund for SCS?

The Fund for SCS provides immediate budgetary support for numerous improvements that directly benefit our students during the current school year and enhance their lives every day. Sustained growth of the fund will help ensure immediate needs are always met.

Through the Fund for SCS, you support our students and teachers by providing additional funding in the following areas:

  • Financial Assistance 
  • Professional Development (teacher training)
  • Instructional Tools (computers, microscopes, art supplies, and other equipment)
  • An undesignated category allows the administration to use the funds for urgent priorities within the first three categories
  • Fine Arts
  • Athletics

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Why does the school have a program like this?

The Fund for SCS is a great way to continually improve the entire program at Southside Christian. It helps us enhance educational excellence in important ways that benefit our students immediately.

This program also allows us to limit other fundraising activities that involve the sale of products so that 100% of your gift is tax-deductible and goes to benefit SCS. Our faculty and parent volunteers are freed from the responsibility of managing sales and are able to concentrate on educating our children.

Who determines what is an “urgent priority”?

The administrative leadership team determines where undesignated donations will have the most impact.

What if I don’t have much to give?

Gifts of every size send a strong message of broad support for the mission and students of SCS. Maximizing participation is our goal. Monthly gifts are encouraged and can be drafted from the account you designate.

Where can I get more information about this fund?

Contact the Office of Advancement at (864) 234-7575, Ext. 1302.

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